Another Reason For Boricuas To Celebrate

It's a fact that Puerto Rico has the longest holiday celebration on the planet. This year it's extending itself even longer for two major reasons.

We Puerto Rican's start getting into the holiday spirit right after Thanksgiving, and unlike in the states when it's all over on January 2nd, we on the other hand continue with 3 Kings. Then 16 days later we celebrate Las Octavitas, followed by la Fiesta de San Sebatian -- and then some continue with las Octavas.

Now we have two additional reasons to continue to celebrate even longer. On Tuesday, President Obama commuted the sentence of Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera, and Wednesday we celebrated Iván Rodríguez being inducted into the baseball hall of fame.

My good friend and baseball historian, Jossie Alvarado, states it quite eloquently:

"Puerto Rico continues to party, yesterday the news about the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera and today the announcement of Ivan Rodriguez into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. We are a blessed people, the sport again putting out (for the island). Soon there will be four in Cooperstown."

Puerto Ricans have much to celebrate, which is ironic because while we are going through one of the worst economic and political crisis ever, our island nation always finds a reason to celebrate as many of us will be doing through July when an army of Boricuas will join us to go to Cooperstown to welcome the fourth Puerto Rican into baseball heaven on earth, the Hall Of Fame.

Congratulations Iván Rodríguez; you deserve it.