Another "The Hillary I Know"

The street fighting that is happening online is intense. It seems to start with the goal of running Hillary Clinton out of town.

I liked Barack Obama even more on Tuesday night for not piling on. For recognizing that ultimately we Democrats will all be in this together.

But it seems he was acting alone. If I read one more time that Hillary Clinton's goal is to ruin Barack Obama's chances in the fall or that she won't do as she promised and work hard for the Democratic nominee or she doesn't care about the Democratic party or the issues I'm gonna scream -- or cry cause I am a girl.

A tool in the Clinton campaign arsenal was "The Hillary I Know". Testimonials from dozens of people whose lives Hillary Clinton has touched over the years. From her childhood friends to her colleagues in her work on children's issues to her time as First Lady and as Senator. All the stories were solid examples of why Hillary Clinton would be a great president.

No, it doesn't look like that will happen at this point. She has some tough decisions to make. I know she feels a strong is a commitment to complete the primaries and she doesn't want to be quit on those who have supported her.

Today, however, the blogosphere is in desperate need of some new testimonials. Because all I am reading today are stories about her motives and beliefs from people who have never liked her and don't know her.

Well, the Hillary I know doesn't get run out of town. She stays. She engages. She thinks and she cares.

The outcries today calling for her head remind me of the attacks on Al Gore during the Supreme Court deliberations and ultimate decision about the 2000 election. Gore's opponents could not have been nastier about his quest, claiming that he was damaging the country. They were certain that he would work to delegitimize the Bush presidency (of course President Bush ultimately needed no outside help in doing that!) before it started. Instead he surprised them, (but not his friends), with the classiest most patriotic exit possible.

I don't know what Hillary Clinton will do in the next few weeks. But I do know that she is not going to take an unwinnable fight to the convention and spoil the party. She wants to beat John McCain in the fall. And she sincerely believes that she has the best chance to do so and that she would be a better president. However, if a majority of the superdelegates tell her in the ensuing days that they are going to be for Obama, then she will accept their decision. And she will resolve her campaign the way she has lived her entire career -- with class, commitment and intelligence.

And if that were to happen, mark my words, she will be the MOST valuable surrogate Barack Obama has in the fall campaign.