Most financial magazines agree that investing in cannabis is potentially the greatest opportunity since the smart phone. 2015 sales grew 40 to 50%. 2016 is up 20 to 25%. The cannabis industry can expect sales in 2016 to be $3.5 to $4.3 billion. 2017 - 4 billion to 5.5 billion, 2018 - $4.9 to 7.8 billion, and 2019 - $5.5 to 9.6 billion.

What could ruin that optimistic prediction?

The New Jersey governor, Chris Christie is now Trump's Transition Team Chairman. He is against legalization of cannabis and if Trump were to become the President, cannabis businesses could suffer especially if Christie was to become the eventual attorney general. Let's assume for now that the industry continues to grow and more states go legal what could happen?

Chris Walsh, managing editor of the Marijuana Business Daily said, "When you consider that the industry contributes job growth, real estate sales and improvement, tourism, taxes and fees using a 4 x's multiplier the overall value is staggering. In 2016 the overall industry's value is $14 to 17 billion up to $24 to 44 billion in 2020."

24 states are now medically legal including Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, New Hampshire, and it appears that Florida, Ohio and Missouri could become medically legal too.
It takes 18 to 48 months after legalization to open a dispensary.

New recreational markets are expected in California, Nevada, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Minnesota. These are huge opportunities considering Washington has seen a 500% increase since allowing for adult use sales. Colorado has seen a 90% increase this year.

Investors were recently surveyed by The Marijuana Business Daily and discovered investor's priorities.

Cultivation operations - 66%
Medical dispensaires - 41%
Ancillary - 38%
Edibles - 34%
Ancillary services firms - 32%
Recreational - 16% (Because there are so few states available.)

Many investors don't want to take the risk of touching the plant so they invest in ancillary businesses similar to the picks and shovels of the gold rush. 40% are profitable according to ancillary service firms. 77% are in multiple states and 76% break-even or better according to the Marijuana Business Daily.

By Wendy Robbins
Producer/Director of The Marijuana Show - "Shark Tank for the legal cannabis industry"

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