ANR's 'Millionaire' And Other Indie Covers Of R&B Songs

Miami synth-pop band ANR (formerly Awesome New Republic) released a new video this weekend, a cover of Kelis's 2003 hit, "Millionaire."

While Brian Robertson and Michael-John Hancock aren't joined by Outcast's Andre 3000 as in the original track, their slowed-down version gives the catchy lyrics some gravitas: "I woke up early this morning/But I still ain't see the sun."

ANR just finished a fall tour across the States and if this TwitVideo is for real, they're recording an operatic version of 2 Live Crew's "Pop That Coochie." Let's hope it makes it into the Borscht film, "Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke," when it screens at Sundance this January.

See ANR's rendition of "Millionaire" as well as six other indie covers of R&B songs.



ANR's 'Millionaire' And Other Indie Covers Of R&B Songs