17 Times Ansel Elgort Charmed The Heck Out Of Us

When he's not killing it on the big screen, Ansel Elgort is stealing our hearts on social media. Whether it's in short vids or 140 characters or less, the guy has millions of followers for a reason. Check out his best moments below.

1. When he wouldn't let anything come between him and original Cadbury Creme Eggs.

2. When he was a daredevil.

3. When he got stuck in traffic at a terrible time.

4. When he had the same thoughts as we did on Thanksgiving.

5. When he missed bae. (Sorry we were busy, Ansel.)

6. When he made #AlexFromTarget even better.

7. When he made all of our dreams come true and worked at Chipotle -- sort of.

8. When he danced at the completely wrong time.

9. When he recreated the "The Fault in Our Stars" bench scene with Shailene Woodley and gave us all the feels.

10. When he was really good at making friends in random places.

11. Like, really good.

12. When he took the #UglySelfieChallenge and shared a sweet message about being yourself.

13. When he wasn't a hooligan.

14. When he cried about running out of barbecue sauce. We feel ya, Ansel.

15. When he totally owned this winter look.

16. When he didn't know the words to "Let It Snow," but still looked cute playing in the snow.

17. When he woke up like this.

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Ansel Elgort