Here's What It's Like To Be An 'Ant-Man' In Real Life

Here's What It's Like To Be An 'Ant-Man' In Real Life

What's it like to be a superhero who's the size of an ant? That's what "What to Watch" host Ricky Camilleri asked himself about Paul Rudd in "Ant-Man." Instead of merely daydreaming, Camilleri took it upon himself to step into Rudd's shoes and experience life from a shrunken perspective.

Aside from getting some solid life advice from "Ant-Man" actor Michael Peña, Camilleri also talks about Amy Schumer's "Trainwreck" and Thursday's Emmy nominations in the latest episode of "Watch to Watch." Watch it above as Camilleri writes sympathy cards to this year's egregious Emmy snubs, like "Empire" and Kit Harington for "Game of Thrones." Maybe next year -- or, uh, maybe not for Harington.

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