Anthony Bourdain CNN Show Gets Title: 'Parts Unknown' (VIDEO)


Anthony Bourdain's new CNN show debuted its title on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, the network announced that it planned to introduce reality-based programming in its lineups, which included a weekend travel show hosted by Bourdain. "Parts Unknown" will premiere on the weekends in Spring 2013.

"For me, traveling isn't about taking a vacation, sitting on a beach, or listening to some cheesy tour guide as we travel in packs from an all-inclusive day spa," Bourdain says in a promo previewing his show. "Traveling is going to parts unknown. It's sharing a pipe with a shaman as the sun comes up over a few thousand-year-old ruin, and only then realizing, you forgot to pack your toothbrush."

Bourdain is currently involved in a nasty current feud with the Travel Channel. He will appear on Piers Morgan's CNN show on Tuesday.

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