Anthony Bourdain Talks Food Destinations, Olive Garden, Ortolan On 'The Colbert Report' (VIDEO)

Anthony Bourdain was a guest on The Colbert Report last night and in true Stephen Colbert style, he kept Bourdain on his toes. Some highlights:

Colbert: This season you're going off the grid. Places like Haiti, Cuba... Why not go places that have food?
Bourdain: I've got to admit to some extent this last season we've been moving toward not just what people are eating, but what they're not eating.

Colbert: You often seem angry at the food that's being given to you.
Bordain: I can't drive past a Chili's or an Olive Garden and not boil with rage.
Colbert: I'll tell you what makes me mad about Olive Garden... They say 'unlimited breadsticks' but if I back my car up and say 'fill the trunk' they say 'no way.'

Colbert asked Bourdain about Bourdain's experience eating ortolan, which he wrote about in Medium Raw. "It's endangered," Colbert points out. Bourdain swiftly responds, "some say" and goes on to explain the ritual of eating the small bird while wearing a shroud, a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. "I understand you wear the hood over your head to hide your gluttony from God," quips Colbert.

Watch the interview below (Bourdain comes on around the 16:35 mark).