Anthony Bourdain And Eric Ripert's Chocolate Bar, Good & Evil, To Debut Friday

If you haven't heard, the whirling dervish that is Anthony Bourdain has partnered with chef Eric Ripert and chocolatier Christopher Curtin on a chocolate bar called "Good & Evil."

Word has been floating around for awhile, but now Eater has a new press release, which sheds a bit of light on how it will taste:

Good & Evil captures the essence of the two iconic chefs' personalities while telling the story of one of the rarest cacao trees on earth: a prized variety called Pure Nacional that was thought to be extinct for nearly a century before being rediscovered growing on small isolated farms within Peru, the only place in the world where it is found.

So is Ripert good and Bourdain evil in this scenario? Actually, yes... the 72 percent cacao bar will include both chocolate for Ripert's "Good" and cocoa nibs for Bourdain's "Evil." If that doesn't make sense, read this:

This duality mirrors the connection between Ripert, who only sees the "good" in food, and Bourdain, who embraces the "evil" of the dark cocoa nibs.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Rick Nichols was lucky enough to snag a taste of the stuff, and he offers up a tantalizing description of the chocolate's flavor:

It is best to let a bite linger on the tongue.

And if you do, the subtle fruitiness emerges, and perhaps a woodsy hit of forest nuts, but very definitely - and differently from the beans just a year before - a bright, enchanting note of dark cherry.

It was lush, almost creamy, without a trace of bitterness, or the tart, brittle waxiness that can make high-cacao bars more a chore than an easy pleasure.

Yes, it was astonishing good chocolate.

Alright then. Expect to pay a whopping $18 for each bar at Curtin's online Éclat Chocolate shop beginning Friday. After reading Nichols' description, though, the chocolate may be worth the price.



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