Anthony Bourdain Discusses 'My Little Pony,' Killer Sushi Chefs On 'Fallon'

WATCH: Bourdain Discusses 'My Little Pony,' Killer Sushi Chefs On 'Fallon'

Anthony Bourdain stopped by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Friday to discuss his new graphic comic and move to CNN. "I'm guessing that CNN can get us into a lot of destinations we've had trouble getting into," he says, adding that he hopes those include Congo and Libya.

This year, Bourdain is excited to take a real vacation with his family. "Whatever normal people do, I'm going to try to do that," he says. One thing he particularly enjoys is watching cartoons with his daughter, especially "My Little Pony." He admits to watching the show even after his daughter has left the room. He once mentioned his love for the show on Twitter, which then resulted in Bourdain getting introduced to the entire subculture of Bronies. Turns out, there are men that are MUCH bigger fans than he is.

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"Get Jiro," Bourdain's new "hyper foodie graphic novel with a lot of lurid violence," comes out June 27 in comic book stores and July 3 everywhere else. He's very excited about a book in which sushi chefs can kill people for making one of those slurries of wasabi in soy sauce. Let it be known: if you ever dine with Anthony Bourdain in a nice sushi restaurant, do NOT do that.

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