The 5 Foods Anthony Bourdain Always Keeps In His Kitchen

We weren't expecting these.
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He's traveled the planet in search of quality meals. But for all the far-out dining Anthony Bourdain has done, his staple foods aren't nearly as exotic as you'd imagine.

During a recent Q&A with Adweek, the chef and TV host was asked to list five foods that are always in his fridge or pantry. His answers are so down-to-Earth, they might surprise you.

"I've always got some elbow macaroni around and some processed or not particularly good, easily meltable cheddar-like stuff that I can make macaroni and cheese with," Bourdain told Adweek. "I have a deep love for that."

What else can you always find in the Bourdain kitchen? The full list includes:

Mozzarella or burrata cheese
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Good olive oil
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Elbow macaroni
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Easily meltable "cheddar-like stuff" (for mac and cheese, of course)
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On second thought, maybe no one should be surprised: Bourdain famously loves Italian mac and cheese, to the point he tried to keep his favorite cacio e pepe source in Rome a secret even as he featured the restaurant on his show. Get instructions for making your own version of the dish, and head over to Adweek to read the rest of Bourdain's interview.

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