Anthony Bourdain Offers To 'Rearrange' Ex-KKK Leader David Duke's Extremities

Do not come for Bourdain.
Shutting down trolls, one tweet at a time. 
Shutting down trolls, one tweet at a time. 

Anthony Bourdain has no time for fake news.

The CNN host shut down former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke after he accused Bourdain of promoting white genocide.

Duke tweeted out a clip from Bourdain’s show, “Parts Unknown,” and said the celebrity chef was encouraging both the extermination and genocide of white people in the video.

In the clip provided from the June 5, 2016 episode set in Cologne, Germany, Bourdain and fellow chef René Stessl discuss refugees in Europe ― not white genocide, like Duke’s tweet implied.

Bourdain called out Duke’s tweet and offered to “rearrange” the former KKK leader’s extremities.

Considering Bourdain is avid follower of Brazilian jiu jitsu, he could probably do just that.

Duke later tweeted back at the CNN host, repeating his lie:

Then Bourdain put an end to things, once and for all:

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