Anthony Bourdain Dislikes Leno, Advocates More Sex, Less Bacon (VIDEO)

Anthony Bourdain recently chatted with HuffPost Food and shared everything from his thoughts on processed cheese to his dislike for Jay Leno.

In the first video below, Bourdain muses about food and travel, and vaguely tries to make amends with those who he may have wronged.

On cuisines he'd like to see more of in the U.S., Bourdain hopes for more Singaporean-style street fare as well as more Peruvian and Vietnamese food, and feels Spanish products are still underexploited in America. On the flip side, enough with the processed cheese, cheap ground meat and yes, bacon: "I like bacon as much as the next guy, in fact I love bacon, but do I need a bacon tattoo? I think we're maybe a little overenthusiastic on bacon. It's only cured pork -- there are other forms of cured pork, many of them wonderful."

Bourdain thinks we could take some advice from other parts of the world by having "food, sex, alcohol, conversation" in equal measure. Actually, just "more sex and less food would probably be a good thing for everybody."

We asked him to say something nice about someone he previously spoke ill of. He admits "I've said a lot of mean things about people" and although he wouldn't go so far as apologizing, he re-emphasized that Rachael Ray was nice enough to send him a food basket. He went on, "I'm perfectly capable of hating someone's guts and admiring something about them. I think it's always useful to at least respect your enemy, otherwise they're not really worth having as an enemy."

In the next video, Bourdain shares a laundry list of activities he would never do again. Ever the globe-trotter, he includes some items that most would never even fathom. These include:

  • "Wallowing in bat guano in a Jamaican cave system in the middle of summer" (he would like to avoid "fecal-related adventures" in general).
  • Uzbek massages, which apparently involve getting straddled by "a Ron Jeremy look-alike in a speedo."
  • Rotten shark ("definitely out").

On the milder side, Bourdain would also like to avoid chicken McNuggets and ever appearing on Jay Leno. "I'm never going on Leno," he says. "Oh I haven't done that yet, it just seems like I have, watching that show. It sucks so bad."

Watch the clip below to hear everything on his "never again" list and his explanation for when "snark will ensue."