Anthony Bourdain Perfectly Describes His Waffle House Love Affair

Be right back, we're heading to Waffle House.

The world has watched with both envy and whetted appetites as Anthony Bourdain travels the world in pursuit of great food, booze and people on his show "Parts Unknown." One of his more recent culinary discoveries, however, hits a little ... closer to home house.

Bourdain appeared on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" Tuesday night to promote his show's new season and admitted to Colbert that only in his recent travels to shoot an episode in Charleston, South Carolina, had he first experienced "the glories of the Waffle House."

The television personality, who says he landed everyone's dream job partially by "messing up" and "writing an obnoxious book," went on to, with the help of Colbert, perfectly describe the Waffle House experience.

"It's apparently a place you can go no matter how wrecked and obnoxious you are, or how late at night, they're nice to you," Bourdain said.

Colbert, who is from Charleston and quipped that the beloved chain is a "rare, local delicacy," argued that the best part of eating there is the menu. "You don't have to read, you just go, 'I'll take the pretty one.'"

Yeah, sounds about right. Excuse us while we dream about smothered hash browns for the rest of the day.

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