The One Specific Type Of Booze That Anthony Bourdain Won't Drink

There's a lot to learn from his choices.
Anthony Bourdain being served a shot on Parts Unknown.
Parts Unknown/CNN
Anthony Bourdain being served a shot on Parts Unknown.

We recently learned that Anthony Bourdain, the man whose job it is to eat new foods across the globe, will not eat airplane food (or at any of Trump’s restaurants). But we thought that when it came to drinks, he had no limits.

We were wrong. There’s no question that Bourdain likes himself a drink. We’ve seen him throw down many on his popular TV show, “Parts Unknown,” and have learned many pearls of wisdom from him as he does so. But he has a limit and it’s tequila shots.

Bourdain will not drink tequila shots if he’s already been drinking something else, he told Refinery29. Why? If someone offers him a shot of tequila later in the evening after drinking has already been taking place, he says, “no good will come of this.” And he’s right.

Many college nights of imbibing could have been saved from this sage advice.

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