Anthony Cunningham, Colorado Springs Man, Accidentally Fires Gun Through Floor While Surfing The Web In His Apartment

Colorado Springs police have arrested a man who accidentally fired a loaded handgun that was in his lap while he was surfing the web in his apartment, Wednesday night.

7News reports that 25-year-old Anthony Cunningham was holding a loaded and cocked .45-caliber handgun while he was on his computer and tried to lower the hammer while his finger was on the trigger causing the gun to discharge.

Cunningham told police that he thought the safety was on the gun, but apparently it was not. The gun fired into his floor and the bullet came in through his downstairs neighbor's ceiling, according to KRDO. Fortunately for the neighbor, the bullet only damaged his patio door.

KKTV reports that Cunningham immediately went to check on his neighbor to make sure that no one was accidentally hurt.

Why Cunningham, an active duty soldier from Fort Carson, was holding a loaded and cocked .45 caliber handgun while using his computer was unclear. He's being held on a $2,000 bond.