Fauci Has 1-Word Response To Question About 'What Changed' Around Jan. 20

The nation's top infectious disease expert set "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert off laughing with his succinct answer.

Dr. Anthony Fauci finally appeared on “The Late Show” on Friday for his first coronavirus pandemic interview with Stephen Colbert.

And the nation’s top infectious disease expert, who is President Joe Biden’s top medical adviser, wasted no time in appearing to throw shade at former President Donald Trump ― whose politicization of the pandemic Fauci has earnestly criticized.

“I’ve wanted to have you on for a year. We’ve tried to have you on almost every week for a year. We couldn’t ever get you,” Colbert told Fauci.

“Around Jan. 20, your schedule really opened up,” the late night host continued, referring to Biden’s inauguration and Trump’s departure from the White House.

“What changed?” asked Colbert.

“Everything,” laughed Fauci, setting Colbert off.

“Good, I hope it keeps changing,” responded Colbert.

Elsewhere in the interview, Fauci said the pandemic would “absolutely” end — it was just a question of when, depending on vaccination programs and people continuing to wear masks and social distance.

Watch the interview here:

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