Anthony Gentile, Florida Inmate, Rubbed Genitalia, Spit On Salad

This salad was literally tainted!

A Florida inmate given kitchen duty at Manatee County Jail is accused of rubbing his genitalia and spitting in a lunchtime salad before serving it, according to the Sun Sentinel. Anthony Gentile, 41, was charged Wednesday with battery of a facility employee by expelling fluids.

Gentile began his salad-tossing antics with rubbing a spoon on his junk and placing it in the salad bowl, according to an arrest affidavit. Seeing his creation as lacking in toppings, he allegedly dipped his junk into the salad bowl, and then hocked a loogie in it, as other inmates watched.

Gentile then gave the salad to a jail employee and asked if it tasted all right, The Smoking Gun reports. The victim "tasted the salad not knowing the defendant defaced the salad," an arresting officer wrote in the affidavit.

Then Gentile reportedly bragged to his inmate buddy, "The b--ch is out there eating it."

His bond was set at $1,500, but he's not getting out of jail for a while. He was originally slapped with a yearlong sentence for having sex with an underage girl.