Anthony 'Hustlin' Tone' Johnson Stole Credit Cards By Slithering Through Movie Theaters

This thief acted like a real snake.

Between 2008 and 2010, Anthony Johnson spent his weekends slithering underneath movie theater seats and stealing credit cards from purses and pocketbooks, according to

Johnson and his accomplices, who were usually female, would choose chick flicks to ensure that many purse-toting women would be in attendance. They would then choose seats that allowed them to see where other movie-goers were storing their bags, according to an FBI affidavit obtained by

They'd use the cards to run up bills of as much as $30,000 by purchasing gift cards, iPods, cellphones and other small but expensive items.

On one day alone, Johnson -- who called himself "Hustlin' Tone" -- and his cronies managed to steal three credit cards from a woman in a Greenwich, Conn., and make more than $90,000 worth of unauthorized purchases at Target, CVS and a local casino. Out of these purchases, $54,596.90 was successfully charged, ABC News reported.

Johnson was convicted Monday by a U.S. District Court jury on seven charges of using a stolen credit card and two charges of identity theft.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 14 and the access device convictions carry maximum 10-year sentences and the identity theft charges carry additional two-year sentences.