Anthony Scaramucci Reveals What Drives 'Total Germaphobe' Trump Nuts: 'He’ll Flip Out On You'

The former White House communications director spills the beans on one of Trump's tendencies.

Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted exactly one Scaramucci as President Donald Trump’s communications director, defended his old boss after an unusual moment in the Oval Office made headlines this week. 

Footage from Trump’s interview with ABC showed the president telling acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to leave because he was coughing. Scaramucci called the criticism over the moment unfair. 

“Every one of us have been temperamental from time to time,” he said on CNN on Tuesday. “Many of us have said things that they’ve regretted saying, myself included especially.” 

But Scaramucci also indicated that it wasn’t just a one-off moment for Trump: 

“They caught him frustrated. He’s a total germaphobe. I’ve seen it full-picture. God forbid you lick your finger and touch something on his desk, he’ll flip out on you. And so I get the fact that he was upset there, but I think people look at that and say, ‘OK, high-stress job, he’s a little frustrated.’”

Trump is a self-professed germaphobe, but Scaramucci said “some of that is an act on his part.”

See the full discussion with CNN’s Erin Burnett below: