Trevor Noah Has A Sad Theory For Why Anthony Scaramucci Got His Job

Noah thinks Donald Trump wishes he was Scaramucci.

Last December, “Saturday Night Live” imagined what the world looks like through the eyes of Donald Trump. According to SNL, when Trump looks in the mirror, he sees the extremely buff image of John Cena staring back at him.

Perhaps the real Trump doesn’t think he has the body of a professional wrestler, but with his legendary ego, it’s possible the president does imagine himself as a stronger, younger and classier person than some of the country actually believes him to be.

Specifically, he might see himself to be more like the new White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci.

Scaramucci is a fellow New Yorker, a wealthy man and, as “The Daily Show” pointed out last night, already has all of Trump’s unique hand gestures down. And in a new video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, the show’s host Trevor Noah claims Trump already sees himself as having all the qualities of Scaramucci.

“And you know what’s funny is when you look at Scaramucci, you can see that Trump thinks he looks like Scaramucci is, do you know what I mean?” Noah said between shooting scenes for an episode.

“Trump looks at Scaramucci and he’s like, that’s me, that’s me folks,” he continued. “Look at his hands, ’cause he also does the hands but he does it in a classier way [...] Scaramucci has swag and you can see Trump is like, ‘That’s me, look at me, look at me.’”

Anthony Scaramucci during a White House press briefing.
Anthony Scaramucci during a White House press briefing.

Watch Noah’s full breakdown above, but also check out the viral video the show released highlighting the similarities between Trump’s and Scaramucci’s hand gestures: