Anthony Scaramucci Calls Trump A 'Bully,' Hopes COVID-19 Diagnosis Is A 'Wake-Up Call'

The former White House communications director said Trump's administration had "politicized the health and well-being" of Americans.

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told CNN Friday that he hoped Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis would be a “wake-up call” and compared the president to a “bully at the middle school lunch table” who disregarded coronavirus social distancing precautions and influenced fellow Republicans to do the same.

“Look at how the Republican Congress acts, or the Republican Senate acts around the president,” Scaramucci, who resigned from Donald Trump’s administration after working for only 10 days in 2017, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “He has this amazing control over these people. It’s like literally being the bully at the middle school lunch table; everybody wants to sit with the bully and the bully is giving you rules that are going to go against your self-interest, but you’re going to abide to them anyway.”

Scaramucci speculated that COVID-19 would possibly spread throughout the president’s inner circle and Congress, resulting in a situation “where the West Wing and the members of Congress are going to have more COVID-19 than the entire country of New Zealand due to this laxity.”

New Zealand has had just one confirmed COVID-19 case and three recovered cases in the last 24 hours, according to the country’s Ministry of Health. In contrast, at least 11 people connected to Trump ― including first lady Melania Trump and former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway ― announced positive coronavirus test results since Thursday.

“It’s sad for me, because a lot of these people are my friends,” Scaramucci said, pointing to White House senior adviser Hope Hicks, who also tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday.

“I wish her well; I want her to get better,” he said. “But it’s also sad for the country, because we put the country now in this dilemma where we’ve politicized the science, politicized the masks, politicized the health and well-being of the people in the country. And so I’m hoping that this will be a wake-up call for the president and his staff.”

Scaramucci ― sometimes known by his nickname, “the Mooch,” has openly criticized Trump since leaving the White House. In August, after giving a Fox News interview where he said that the Republican Party was likely to become “a minority party for a generation,” Trump and Scaramucci butted heads on Twitter, with the president calling his former communications director a “loser.”

See Scaramucci’s appearance on CNN here, courtesy of The New Zealand Herald.

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