Anthony Weiner Mocks British Reporter's Accent (VIDEO)

WATCH: Anthony Weiner Mocks Reporter, Is Awful

Dear Anthony Weiner,

Can we talk? We know that your campaign for mayor is, as they say, floundering. As members of the media, we'd like to give you some quick pointers about what not to do in this critical phase of your efforts to get elected.

Maybe, if a nice reporter from England's ITV network named Lucy Watson comes up to you, you probably shouldn't start mocking her because she's from another country. Did you know lots of New Yorkers are from other countries?

Maybe you shouldn't say things like "It's hard to take you seriously" because she has a different accent than you, or even make a lame attempt at using a British accent. Lots of New Yorkers have different accents than you do! Would you make fun of them in the same way?

When she asks you tough questions, maybe, instead of saying, "I just have a feeling I've like stepped into a Monty Python bit," you could answer the question! New York's a tough town; sometimes you've got to deal with that.

And maybe you shouldn't then deliver a mock weather forecast for all of England, where you call the country rainy and grey and generally make it clear that you have total contempt for everyone living there.

And perhaps, though we know this quite literally is a touchy subject, you might want to take the way you treat female reporters on the campaign trail far more seriously than you demonstrated in this video, because when it comes down to it, you're not exactly popular with the ladies (at least in the non-Carlos Danger areas of the world). And while you likely mock all reporters when given the opportunity, your disregard for Watson is yet another moment that might call your treatment of women into question.

We hope you'll consider these points.

Sincerely, HuffPost Media

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