Anthony Weiner Calls 'Fox & Friends' On Health Care 'Lies' (VIDEO)

Anthony Weiner Calls 'Fox & Friends' On Health Care 'Lies' (VIDEO)

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) took the hosts of "Fox & Friends" to task on their show Tuesday morning, criticizing the ongoing Fox campaign to "lie" and spread "disinformation" about health care reform.

After co-host Steve Doocy asked why Democrats whose districts oppose health reform should vote for it, Weiner turned the question back on the shocked-jocks:

Anthony Weiner: We should be honest about something here: On programs like this, there's been an enormous amount of disinformation about what's in the bill. An enormous amount.

Brian Kilmeade: Well, that's according to you. (pause) I mean, that's what you think is --

AW: Look, I -- I think there has been an orchestrated effort in a lot of quarters to lie about the bill. We went through --

Steve Doocy: What are we -- what are we lying about?

AW: Well, don't take it -- don't personalize it, programs like -- I said programs like yours.

BK: Don't be so defensive, Steve!

AW: Let me ask you something.

BK: "Like" yours!

AW: Let me ask you something.

SD: I can get this guy in a headlock!

AW: Let me ask you something. Did anyone talk about "death panels" on this show in the last six months. Of course. Okay, that was a lie. That was a lie. (crosstalk) The only -- the point that I'm making here, gentlemen, is that you can't simply put your finger up in the air and say, "What do people want?" For one thing, when people ask about "the bill" -- there hasn't even been "a bill" until now.


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