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Anthony Weiner Puts On Caribbean Accent During West Indian Day Parade (VIDEO)

Of all the New York City mayoral candidates jockeying for the spotlight at Brooklyn's West Indian Day Parade on Monday, only one had his own float: Anthony Weiner. The former congressman also shouted into the microphone using a very fake Caribbean accent, which was caught on video by The Daily News' Jennifer Fermino.

"Anybody here from Jamaica?" Weiner can be heard yelling. "Anybody here from Barbados? Anybody here from Guyana?" And then, abandoning the accent, "Anybody here from Staten Island?"

(As The News remembers, Weiner put on a British accent last month to mock a reporter from across the pond.)

Weiner also did his best dancehall-emcee routine, repeatedly yelling "BO!" in quick succession.

WBAI's Jay Smooth wasn't too impressed:

With just a week left until the primaries, Weiner is polling in a distant fourth place behind Bill de Blasio (seen here awkwardly dancing at the parade), Christine Quinn, and Bill Thompson.

West Indian Day Parade 2013