Anthony Weiner Facebook Chats: Lisa Weiss Conversations Revealed: Report

Woman Reveals 'Crazy Dirty' Weiner Chats

A female Las Vegas blackjack dealer has released to what appear to be Facebook chats she exchanged with embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.). The messages, which came to light on Tuesday, are sexual in their nature and surface on the heels of the congressman's admission that he engaged in "inappropriate" conservations online with six women in recent years.

At a press conference on Monday, he said, "I have never met any of these women or had physical relations with them at any time." relays the following conversation said to have taken place on Facebook between the congressman (bold text) and Weiss on September 28 of last year.

whoa. Super intense dream bout u just now. Woke me up.

that is fu**ing awesome! don't know i you are still up…but we really need to discuss this further! that's the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in a while!

damn! you either went back to sleep or to work saving the see why i need your number when you leave me such good messages?

nope, not sweet. crazy dirty

i know…..i want all the dirty details!

Baby, u have to post some fresh pictures.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Further information gleaned from her Facebook page and Twitter account, where she goes by @liberallisa, indicated Weiss is a native of Milwaukee who studied at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and was in the class of 1991.

According to Radaronline, Weiss said she once worked as a Democratic campaign worker. A spokesman for the Nevada Democratic Party said today there is no record that she was a volunteer.

Weiss reportedly wrote in one message to Weiner: "i love that u r sooo hot and such a liberal."

Another woman who corresponded with Weiner has also come forward, writing a post on Andrew Breitbart's site and giving interviews to ABC News and Fox News.

Meagan Broussard, a 26-year-old single mother from Texas, says that she exchanged dozens of sexually charged photos, emails, and Facebook messages with Weiner over the course of a month.

It began innocently enough, she says. “On April 20, I clicked on his Facebook page that I 'liked' a video of Rep. Weiner addressing a gathering of construction workers in Washington, DC,” she wrote on Andrew Breitbart's site, where the photos of Weiner shirtless first appeared Monday, prompting Weiner's confession.

Meanwhile, the social media controversy has prompted top Republicans to call for Weiner's resignation. And for the most part, Democrats aren't coming to the New York lawmaker's defense.

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