Anthony Weiner Provides 'Halftime Report' For Health Care Repeal Debate

Today, your U.S. House of Representatives is hard at work, performing in this winter's hottest pantomime of the season: "Let's Pretend To Repeal Health Care In Order To Throw A Bone To The Kooks!" Yes, the move is destined to fail, almost immediately. And the basis for the move is underpinned by some wonderfully specious polling. But the House majority has to keep the anger-bear electorate satisfied until such time as they can build the Job-Creating Plexiglass Fence to encircle them all in its womb of protection.

The whole affair is basically a bleak recitation of the same talking points we've heard all year about health-care reform. But the Democrats are at least taking the matter seriously enough to mount a defense of reform, achieving some measure of what Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) called "a second chance to make a first impression."

And speaking of New York legislators, everyone still enjoys watching Rep. Anthony Weiner (D) going on hilariously-pointed rants, right? Well, if that's the case, you'll certainly enjoy Weiner's "halftime report" on the whole shebang, which he thoughtfully uploaded to his YouTube channel. One of the highlights was Weiner urging caution on people watching at home, who might be playing some sort of drinking game with canned whiskey:

WEINER: There have basically been three formations of the argument by the Republicans. First, they start by making things up, you kind of have to wonder if any of them actually read the bill..."130,000 new agencies" - NOT TRUE. "New IRS agents" - NOT TRUE. "Death Panels" - NOT TRUE. "Members aren't covered" - NOT TRUE. "No Tort Reform in it" - NOT TRUE. You know, I want to just advise people watching at home playing that now popular drinking game of "you take a shot whenever Republicans say something that is not true," please assign a designated driver, this is going to be a long afternoon!

He then pointed out that the GOP is promising to replace the health-care reform bill with the same health-care reform bill: "My good friend, the new chairman, Mr. Upton, started his remarks with a long litany of things in the new bill. They're gonna have coverage for preexisting conditions. They're gonna have help for the donut hole. They're gonna have making sure there are incentives to small businesses to offer insurance. You know what they call that, my colleagues? They call that the bill they're repealing. It sounds very strange, but they want to repeal the bill but they still want to give it a big hug and embrace it as if they support the things."


Anyway, please drink responsibly! [Via.]

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