Anthony Weiner On Defunding NPR's 'Car Talk': 'Thank God We Solved This Problem For The Country!' (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON -- Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) wants everyone to know what his GOP colleagues have done to avert financial crisis. After the House voted on Thursday to end federal funding for National Public Radio, Weiner mocked members of the House GOP for targeting Click and Clack, the Boston-based brothers who, on NPR's radio show 'Car Talk,' offer weekly advice on mechanics and life.

"We finally found out our problem, we discovered a target that we can all agree on: it's these guys!" said Weiner, pointing to a poster of Click and Clack. "Thank God we solved this problem for the country!" The New York Congressman berated the Magliozzi brothers for their horrible Boston accents, and congratulated his GOP colleagues on putting an end to the brothers' general pollution of the airwaves.

"Cah Talk?" said Weiner. "It's a car! It's a car, ladies and gentlemen!"

The bill, which passed 228-192 hewing closely to partisan lines, may be unlikely to become law (as it still must be approved by the Democratic-led Senate), but Weiner's sarcastic tirade still earned him the esteem of Democratic colleagues, such as Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), chairman of the Congressional Public Broadcasting Caucus, who, having been an especially outspoken opponent of the bill, conceded he had been outdone.

"I have fought hard for NPR for weeks, but don't mind being upstaged by @RepWeiner on the floor," said Blumenauer in a tweet.

Weiner, for his part, says he's just glad House leadership prioritized the vote by scheduling an emergency session.

"I'm so relieved that we had this emergency session, that we waived the rules of the House that required 72 hours [notice] so we finally get these guys off my radio," he said.


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