Who Should Star In The Anthony Weiner Scandal Movie? Here Are Our Picks (PHOTOS)

The latest Anthony Weiner sexting scandal follows all the typical tropes of a summer sequel. They brought back the same heroes and villains, amped up the supporting cast and added additional technology to make it even bigger and better. And as truth does tend to be stranger than fiction, this scandal has been more entertaining than pretty much anything you'll see in a multiplex this summer.

So why not turn this scandal into a blockbuster? We went ahead and offered our dream casting for when this inevitably turns into a $100 million cinematic experience. Let us know if you agree.

1. Whenever Anthony Weiner is in character as his alter ego Carlos Danger, he will be played by Antonio Banderas in 2002.

weiner antonio

2. All other times, he will be played by Butt-Head.

weiner butthead

3. His wife Huma Abedin will be played by Angelina Jolie, because the movie ends with Huma kicking Anthony's ass "Tomb Raider" style.

huma angelina

4. Sydney Leather, the woman with whom Weiner exchanged graphic pictures, will be played by someone familiar with the territory: Vanessa Hudgens.

sydney vanessa

5. Nik Richie of will be played by Bruno.

nik richie bruno

6. Eliot Spitzer will be played by another New York tough guy, Christopher Meloni.

spitzer christopher meloni

7. The mysterious "cubicle guy" at Weiner's press conference will be played by Larry David.

cubicle guy larry david

8. And in his acting debut as Anthony Weiner's Penis, introducing Rick Scott.

rick scott penis

Have at it, Hollywood!

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