Anthony Weiner vs. Steve Jobs: Who Won On Twitter?

Anthony Weiner vs. Steve Jobs: Who Won On Twitter?

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is one of the biggest days of the year for the tech industry. But this year, Steve Jobs and his iCloud were overshadowed by an unexpected event: Weinergate.

Monday marked not only Steve Jobs' keynote at WWDC 2011--at which he announced several new Apple services--but also Weiner's press conference, at which he claimed responsibility for sending a lewd photo via Twitter and other indiscretions.

When it comes to sheer Twitter dominance, Anthony Weiner and his unfortunate Twitter pictures looked for a moment like they could overcome Apple. But, according to AdAge, which worked with Trendrr to analyze Twitter buzz, Weiner-related tweets were eventually defeated by those relating to WWDC.

AdAge found that there were 184,848 Weiner related tweets by the end of the day Monday, including terms like #weinergate and #weiner, with 25,712 @repweiner mentions. Fifty-nine percent of Weiner-related tweets came from men.

Apple garnered over 251,000 tweets, with iCloud related tweets also racking up 110,000 tweets. These skewed male, with 76 percent originating from men. Pulling together both Apple and iCloud related tweets shows a day-long total of 752, 346 tweets.

AdAge writes, "So, big picture: Though on an hour-by-hour basis (as shown in our chart), Weiner came close to outdoing just Apple (and #apple) in tweet volume (and actually outdid iCloud/#iCloud), overall Steve Jobs & Co. handily beat the frisky congressman in Twitter buzz by the end of the day."

See more stats from AdAge here.

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