Rep. Anthony Weiner Answers Health Care Reform Questions On Twitter

To mark the one year anniversary of health care reform, Rep. Anthony Weiner took to social media sites to take voters' questions.

Weiner solicited queries on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

This afternoon, Weiner answered Tweets about health care, the possibility of becoming New York City's next mayor and a range of other topics.

One Tweet asked Weiner, "Why do you go along with calling the health care reform Obamacare?". Weiner answered "I don't believe in letting GOP own language of debate. Im proud of Obama and Obama Care."

He added, "There will be changes. This bill is a foundation. Like medicare"

One supporter Tweeted, "Last year the #GOP warned us of Armageddon over the HC law. I was wondering if its ok to come out of my bunker yet?"

Weiner shot back, "Yes, but I want to warn you exposure to Glenn Beck is still a problem."

Weiner was also asked if he'd rather be Speaker of the House, if the Democrats retake control, or Mayor of New York City.

"Mayor," Weiner answered. "i would like dealing with those constituents. Speaker = herding (fat) cats."

As for why he Tweets, Weiner said "Its a way to get my pith tighter."

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