Anthony Weiner's Wife, Huma Abedin, You Must Demand That He Goes Into Therapy Fast

Your husband, Anthony Weiner , took responsibility for his sexually "inappropriate" relationships with six young women today, but he still wouldn't commit to getting psychological help! That's nuts!

Huma -- I need to point out to you that while your New York Congressman husband confessed that he has a "weakness," and that his twitpic-ing photos of his erection was "a destructive thing to do," he still thinks that he can control himself, from now on. Don't you think that's more than a little unrealistic?

If he couldn't control himself for the past three years even after he married wonderful you, last July, then why does he think he can suddenly beat his demons on his own now? And Huma, why would you even trust him after learning what he has kept hidden from you all this time?

Huma -- your man has a serious feeling of inadequacy, according to psychotherapist, Dr. Gilda Carle, of "This doesn't have anything to do with sex, it was about getting a sense of power," she explains. "Talking, Facebooking and tweeting with young, pretty women made him feel like a big shot."

Anthony Weiner's real problem was that he felt inadequate inside -- like the skinny, gawky, nerdy guy he once was , says Dr. Carle. "Then he got into a position of political power, and suddenly women were flocking all over him, but he still felt inadequate. Communicating with these other women though would give him a feeling of power, that boosted his self-esteem."

And then Huma, he got addicted to this high he was getting from flirting with the kind of women -- young and pretty -- that he never thought would pay any attention to him before he was a bigwig.

You -- you have to get him to actually dig into why he feels so negatively about himself or he will never overcome his addiction. And if he can't quit his urge to show off his genitals to strange women, then he can never have a truly loving relationship with you.

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