Anthropologie Is Selling A $2,200 Rickshaw (PHOTOS)

Twee fashion retailer Anthropologie usually shills paisley scarves, ethereal blouses and outrageously priced scented candles. But when we saw their latest offering, we had even more sticker shock than usual.

This green and red rickshaw that Gothamist spied seems to have been made with the Brooklyn crowd in mind and is retailing for a cool $2,200.

The rickshaw, which comes complete with batik designs and Hindi lettering, was inspired by some of the staff's visit to India, where thousands of people peddle pedestrians through traffic in the vehicles.

Reads the product description:

While on a trip to India, some of our team flagged down a rickshaw for a spur-of-the-moment tour of the town. Inspired by the ride and feeling a bit whimsical, we decided to design our own set of wheels, with some very special touches like a collapsible kantha-fabric canopy, handlebar streamers, a bell for brrring-bringing on the bike path and even a headlight that illuminates when the pedals are cranked. An instant conversation starter on the road or on display, we'll bet you're whisked away on the adventure of a lifetime once you hop on - or into - our quixotic carriage. No two are exactly alike.

Actually, shipping for your very own rickshaw costs an extra $300, so make that $2500 if you want to pedal around Williamsburg in style. We're not sure about this concept, though: Not only is it crazy expensive, but it also seems a little iffy to us to drop tons of cash on a corporate-fancified vehicle that many impoverished people in the developing world rely on to scrap together income.

Scroll down for more photos. Would you shell out for your own rickshaw?