Anti-Abortion Messages In Chalk Cause Controversy At Tulane (VIDEO)

The fight over abortion has unleashed another point of contention -- chalk.

The Tulane Students for Life, a campus organization at the university in New Orleans, wrote phrases such as "Choose Life" to celebrate National Pro-Life Chalk Day, WGNO reported.

Freshman Danielle Markowitz, for one, believes the sidewalk slogans should be curbed.

"The use of chalk messages in order to present the viewpoints of Tulane Students for Life was incredibly inappropriate and tasteless as a forum of debate," she wrote in the campus paper The Hullabaloo. "The chalking itself was childish and delegitimized the viewpoints of the club, as well as the organization as a whole."

Markowitz told WGNO that chalking -- an accepted tradition at many colleges, including Tulane -- should impart information on events, not express opinions on highly charged topics.

"We just stated facts and our views on the issue, and we believe any other group should have the right to express their views as well," Megan Alfonso, president of Tulane Students For Life, said in the news segment.

The Louisiana university isn't the only school igniting debate over how far abortion demonstrations should go. At Eastern Illinois University, a man held up a sign juxtaposing a picture of decaying bodies of Jews and the words "Hitler's Holocaust" with a picture of an aborted fetus and the words "Obama's Holocaust," reported the Eastern Daily News school paper. The other side read "NOBAMA Cares." One student, Taylor Bainter, responded with her own signs, "Keep your politics out of my p****!" and "Pro-life is anti-woman."

At Tulane, the Tulane Students For Life didn't appear to violate school policy, WGNO wrote. Affiliated groups are allowed to chalk, but what they can write is not specified. Messages deemed inappropriate would be dealt with, according to the rules related by the station.

But Markowitz stood by her protest. "I didn't want to see personal views on sidewalks," she said in the video. "It really offended me as a woman."

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