4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back The Clock

If you've performed the same makeup routine since the '80s and are wondering why it just isn't working for you anymore, we've got the scoop on how you can refresh your look. As we grow older, our skincare and beauty needs just aren't what they used to be.

"You have to do your makeup differently as you get older," says Toronto-based makeup artist Deborah Williams, who owns Grace, a studio for midlife health and beauty reinvention. "Women say, 'This is what I don't like,' but you have to concentrate on not covering what you don’t like but bring out what you do like."

What's also important for many older women is having a quick, simple routine with minimal products and a look that isn't overdone. Here are the best beauty fixes for women over 50 that will help you turn back the clock:

1. Create the illusion of a fuller lip.
Williams says the lips can appear to be fading as we get older. The key is to define the lip line to pump up the volume. Pick out a neutral-colored lip liner, one that's close to your natural lip color. Use it to trace over your natural lip line and fill in the rest of your lips. Your lips will look plumper, meaning you can throw on some balm on top and head out the door. Or, if you prefer a little more color, slick on some lipstick on top for added lasting power and to prevent the dreaded feathering effect.

2. Focus more on the brows.
A good or bad brow can make or break your look. As we get older, white and gray hairs may pop up and the hair often becomes thinner, creating a less defined look. If you already have a strong brow, make sure to focus on grooming, by trimming and brushing the hairs into place as needed. If your brows are a little more sparse, you can use brow pencils, gels or powders (depending on which formulation you're most comfortable applying) to add definition, volume and a hint of color.

3. Always wear blush.
If there's one thing you shouldn't leave home without, it's a hint of blush. A swipe of blush on the cheeks helps add brightness to your face and is easy to apply -- as long as you don't overdo it. Williams suggests applying it as you smile, to the apples of your cheeks. It's a versatile product that comes in many formulations for various types of skin. For a glowing look for drier skin, stick to a cream or gel formula, which can be applied just with your fingertips. Oily skin types may want to opt for a powder blush.

4. Foundation is everything.
When you're battling issues like age spots and pigmentation which may have not been a problem when you were younger. "Always use a foundation. Foundation will even out your skin tone," Williams says. If the thought of foundation makes you think of a cakey, powdery face, Williams says worry not. It's all about finding the right formulation, without losing the coverage.

You may have heard hype about tinted moisturizers, but for skin that requires more coverage, Williams says a foundation is a better bet. "The most aging thing is not to wear foundation," she says.

Liquid foundations come in different finishes, like matte, luminous or natural, depending on your preference. Williams prefers mineral powder makeup. She says that, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't dry the skin out. Instead she says the sophisticated formulations can actually help your skin retain its moisture and the light application means it won't look overdone.

As with everything, it all takes practice. "It’s really about learning how to do makeup a little different as you’re getting older -- getting the proper tools, taking the time to learn it," Williams says. "It’s a skill that every woman can learn."



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