New Anti-Aging Chocolate May Make Skin Look 30 Years Younger

New Anti-Aging Chocolate May Make Skin Look 30 Years Younger
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A world where you could eat chocolate without gaining weight would be pretty great, but a world where you could eat chocolate and look younger with every bite would be a dream come true. And that dream could be a reality, according to Lycotec, a UK-based company with research ties to Cambridge University.

They've created "Esthechoc," a 70 percent dark chocolate that touts some serious anti-aging claims. Researchers say the treat is so potent, just one 7.5-gram piece of the chocolate packs the same anti-oxidant punch as 100 grams of regular dark chocolate or even 300 grams of Alaskan salmon.

Creators say that, in a clinical trial of 50- to 60-years-olds, eating a piece of Esthechoc a day over three to four weeks boosted blood supply to the skin as well as reduced inflammation. "In terms of skin biomarkers we found it had brought skin back to the levels of a 20 or 30-year-old. So we’ve improved the skin’s physiology. People using it claimed that their skin was better and we can see that the product is working to slow down aging," Lycotec's Ivan Petyaev told The Telegraph.

Researchers say the chocolate will come in sleek white packaging. Both the price point and retailers will be announced next month at the Global Food Innovation Summit in London, but it's safe to assume it will cost more than a Kit-Kat bar.

Chocolate also may be good for your heart, with some previous studies indicating the sweet treat can protect you from heart attacks and strokes.

So does the new anti-aging chocolate really work? Health experts say it's best to approach the beauty bar with a healthy dose of caution, saying more trials are needed to show whether it lives up to the hype.

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