Anti-Aging Clothing Line, Cass WearRepair, Claims To Improve Skin (VIDEO)

Does An Anti-Aging Clothing Line Really Work?

It seems women will do almost anything to reverse the aging process. (This writer's own mother slathers on several layers of creams, serums and lotions every single night.) But turning back the clock might have gotten easier. Behold: the anti-aging clothing line.

Yes, this is for real. WearRepair, a line of leggings, tanks and shirts by Cass Luxury Shapewear, claims to actually reduce wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and overall skin texture.

The magic ingredient, Cass designer Susan Ledyard told PIX11, is copper. Engineered exclusively by Cupron Technology, the fabric in Cass WearRepair contains copper oxide, an essential mineral that is required for healthy living but isn't found naturally in our skin. According to the folks at Cupron Technology, copper stimulates the production of capillaries and collagen, the same process touted by many anti-aging beauty products.

Recently skincare companies have been adding copper-based products to their anti-aging offerings, from Lancome's Bienfait Multi-Vital Eye cream to Kiehl's new Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream. Kiehls' new products promises that copper will strengthen your skin's elastin and improving its texture.

But that's a cream, not a tank top. Can you really banish your wrinkles and dark spots by wearing copper-infused clothing? Ledyard says that audience members on "The Rachael Ray Show," who conducted a 30-day trial of WearRepair, saw a "significant decrease" in age spots by the second week.

Dang. We might need to try these things. Watch the video above to see the WearRepair in action or go to to shop the shapewear.

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