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New Restylane Eye Treatment Could Take Years Off Your Face

If you've been searching for the fountain of youth, you may find it at the tip of a needle. A new anti-aging treatment could take years off your face -- if you're willing to shell out serious cash.

Los Angeles-based physician James Kojian is offering a new anti-aging eye treatment to anyone willing to pay a small fortune. Our eyes become more sunken in as we age, Kojian told KTLA News, and -- as we all know -- this can be one of the biggest giveaways of our age.

For $1,000 per treatment, Kojian injects Restylane, a cosmetic filler, to the orbital area to help plump it up and to fill in wrinkles. Unlike Botox, Restylane doesn't paralyze facial muscles.

While the thought of having needles in your face may be intimidating, the results are immediate and the only recovery time needed is for the possible bruising to dissipate. Plus, Kojian says the results can last up to three years and can be drastic for older people.

Would you go under the needle? If you're not convinced, there are plenty of other ways to supposedly turn back the clock including the use of bleach. Indeed, one recent study found that bleach is the key to treating skin damage and aging.

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