Anti-aging? Good Luck With That

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Anti-aging is all the rage these days. There are plenty of procedures, secrets, creams, “cliniques”, diets, retreats, supplements, attitude adjustments and yoga poses to support anti-aging. You can check it out on Google.

In my own life, people tell me age is just a number. I don’t disagree. It is just a number. They say that you are never too old to try. I agree with this as well, but it depends on what you are trying to do. They say that 60 is the new 40.

Here is where I do disagree. My experience tells me that 60 is 60. There is no fooling Mother Nature. I am still young at heart, curious about what is possible and eager for new adventures. I make it my business to learn a new skill every year. This year it is conversational Spanish. January is my birthday month, so aging is on the top of my mind.

Nevertheless, at some point, I got too old for a lot of things.

Here is a partial list.

I’m too old to say I’m not old enough to do something. I’m too old to say I’m too old to do something.

I am too old to stifle my laughter, tears or sneezes.

I’m too old to deny my pleasure. I’m too old to count my gray hairs. There are so many of them and I inevitably lose count. I am too old to waste time.

I’m too old to doubt myself. I’m too old to take things personally. I’m too old to withhold compliments from children or myself. I’m too old to hold a grudge. I’m too old to harbor regrets. I’m too old to allow fear to hold me back from the people and things I love. I’m too old to feign affection.

I’m too old not to say I’m sorry when I am sorry. I am too old to say I am sorry when I am not. I’m too old to think I’m not good enough. I’m too old to forget to be grateful or appreciate beauty. I’m too old to judge my beauty by comparing myself to others.

I’m too old to ignore my health or my teeth. I’m too old to believe wishing on the morning star is silly.

I’m too old to withhold forgiveness, compassion or kindness. I’m too old to miss the majesty of the present moment. I’m too old to live in the past. I’m too old to worry about the future. I’m too old to resist getting old.

I’m too old to wear jeans that don’t fit. Give me my Levi’s any day.

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