Anti-Aging: 8 Items That May Slow The Aging Process

Try These 8 Items To Slow The Aging Process
fresh colorful pomegranate ...
fresh colorful pomegranate ...

There are lots of tricks out there designed to make people look and feel younger. For example, one study showed that just the scent of grapefruit can actually prompt the male brain to believe that a woman is about five years younger than she actually is.

But there also are some supposedly real ways to impact how long you will live. By eating well and making smart choices, you can help slow the aging process. Typically, fruits and vegetables -- packed with antioxidants -- can help get rid of the free radicals from your skin that cause you to age prematurely. And, generally speaking, eating well-balanced meals and exercising regularly can help you stay fit and live longer.

But what else impacts the aging process? Check out our slideshow below displaying eight different anti-aging items that may keep you from growing old too fast. Have your own ideas? Let us know in comments.

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8 Items That Slow The Aging Process

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