11 Pieces Of Anti-Aging Wisdom From Women Around The World

11 enlightened bloggers, entrepreneurs and artists from around the world share their favorite anti-aging tips and philosophies.

Aging ideologies differ greatly across the globe, but each country possesses a wealth of brilliant customs for gracefully embracing the arrival of each new decade. In partnership with COVERGIRL, we scoured the world for the best in age-defying wisdom. From aloe vera application to sufficient sleep, 11 enlightened bloggers, entrepreneurs and artists from around the world share their favorite anti-aging tips and philosophies.

1. Ericka Sanchez, Recipe Developer, Food Writer, and Blogger at Nibbles and Feasts, Mexicoaloe veraImage: Getty, Ericka Sanchez

"Always have a healthy sabila plant (aloe vera plant) in your home for a daily face mask. Simply remove a piece of aloe vera leaf and squeeze out the gel to apply all over face (avoid eyes). Let it dry for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. The aloe vera not only helps moisturize the skin but it also helps soothe sunburns and clear up complexion."

2. Carrie Hammer, Founder, Carrie Hammer, United Statesnecklace bagImage: Getty, Carrie Hammer

"Every single year gets better and better. Beauty doesn't lie in trends, beauty lies in finding your own personal style. As I've gotten older I've found the looks, products, and items that have made me feel bold, powerful and beautiful. Finding your own personal style that develops throughout the years is the most empowering thing and it only comes with age."

3. Lorraine C. Ladish, Founder, VivaFifty.com, Spain pillow maskImage: Getty, Lorraine C. Ladish

"If I had to choose just one beauty and self-care secret, it is this: sleep. A LOT of sleep. I've been sleeping eight or more hours a night my entire life. Even when I had babies, I found a way to nap. And that's how I deal with aging. By sleeping as much as I can.

4. Lira, Platinum recording artist with Sony, South Africa lira singerImage: Getty, Lira "Growing up in Africa the sun was very intense and Johannesburg is particularly dry, which left my skin very thirsty. Since I was a little girl my mother taught me her daily regimen, which is a concoction of Vaseline, glycerin, cocoa butter, and Bio-Oil to replenish the skin. My mother is in her mid-50s and her skin is radiant. In the Zulu language they say 'umama wazi kangcono,' which means mother knows best."

5. GG Renee Hill, Coach and Author, All The Many Layers, United States drawing ggImage: Getty, GG Renee Hill

"The older I get, the more I realize that beauty doesn't fade when it comes from knowing yourself, loving yourself and beaming that inner peace out. Beauty is more than how you look, it's how you inspire people with your presence and let your spirit shine through. Stay true to yourself and you will always glow."

6. Yvette Marquez, Author and Food Blogger, Muy Bueno Cookbook, United Stateswater peppersImage: Getty, Yvette Marquez

"My mom has great skin, and I can only pray that I will look as young as she looks at her age. I'm grateful that my mom taught me to wash my face -- remove all makeup -- every night, no matter how tired I am. Moisturize in the morning and at night, drink plenty of water, and always be sure to wear sunscreen -- on your face, neck, décolleté and your hands, because when you drive, your chest and hands get a lot of sun exposure. A woman's age can be told in her chest and hands where the skin is thinner."

7. Kathy Cano-Murillo, Artist and Novelist, Crafty Chica, United Statescolored pencilsImage: Getty, Kathy Cano-Murillo

"My personal mantra is to keep my mind and attitude young by always embracing new. I love to find new music, new art techniques, new authors and books, new actors and movies. I love and appreciate the past, but I don't live there. I live and celebrate TODAY and what is going on around me, and I get involved. I soak up every moment, inhale happiness, and am always eager to increase my skills, perspective and knowledge from people of all ages!"

8. Patty Blue Hayes, Author, Life Coach, Speaker, United Statesbark leafImage: Getty, Patty Blue Hayes

"My mother was an artist, and she instilled in me a deep appreciation for the natural beauty she painted. I see the magnificence of both the first tender blossom in spring and the decaying bark from a fallen tree. By not judging what is young or old, I create my own ageless awareness."

"When I was a little girl, my mother embraced playfulness and the timeless joy of being silly. I advise women of all ages to reclaim their beautiful lighthearted spirit, let her out to play, to laugh and to delight in this dance of life."

9. Nancie Mwai, Lifestyle Blogger, Nancie Mwai, Kenya cocoa butterImage: Getty, Nancie Mwai

"My mom used a type of petroleum jelly used for milking cows on me. Her mother used it as well and I use it on my daughter. The jelly is called Aramis. Believe it or not, it's amazing on the skin."

10. Tamara Al Gabbani, Fashion Designer and Blogger at I Am Tamara, United Arab Emirates sunblockImage: Getty, Tamara Al Gabbani

"Growing up in the hot and sunny desert climate of Dubai, my mother never let us out the house without sunblock on. She educated us on the importance of being aesthetically presentable [and] elegant and [she] emphasized attention to skincare. My mother simply didn't age. She would go to the spa regularly, give herself mini facials at home, and would apply day and night moisturizers without fail. She taught by example and, as a result, I have followed in her footsteps. Investing in my skincare, wearing sunblock and including skincare as a lifestyle necessity are the lessons I have proudly inherited."

11. Sonya Esman, Blogger, ClassIsInternal.com, RussiaoxygenImage: Getty, Sonya Esman

"My mother has always prided herself in her skin care and dedication to maintaining her youth, which has inspired me as I am maturing to be a young woman. I remember my mom would get an oxygen facial every other month, and would just be glowing after putting that hour of luxury into her skin. I started getting facials myself, and the results have been incredible. I think if you can find a seriously talented aesthetician, sign yourself up for 3-4 facials in the span of 3-4 months, and see the difference."

We all have our own unique (and even international) approach to aging. Add COVERGIRL + Olay's Simply Ageless collection and its superior technology to your beauty arsenal and prepare to wow the world!

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