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5 Serums We're Using To Fight Aging, Dryness, Dark Spots And All That Ails Us

A good serum will get you far. While they seem complicated, unnecessary and fussy, they're really not. Serums pack in way more moisture, nutrients and anti-aging ingredients than your average face cream. While we're all dealing with different issues (dryness, wrinkles, oiliness, dark spots), a serum will quickly and effectively target the problem, thanks to the concentrated, deeply penetrating formula. This also lends to the higher price tags on most serums; they're working double-time to combat a slew of problems more efficiently. A few drops in the morning and at night, under your regular moisturizer, sunscreen or night cream is all you need to add to your skincare arsenal. So while, yes, it's an extra step, it also means infinitely better-looking skin.