5 Anti-Aging Steps To Take In Middle Age

5 Anti-Aging Steps Everyone Should Consider Taking In Middle Age

When it comes to anti-aging, prevention is the best cure. Some experts say prevention begins as early as your 20s, with proper sun protection and a personalized skincare regimen. But now that we're in our 50s, it's more about maintenance than turning back the clock.

We're heard about the lengths to which people will go to preserve their youth, from vampire and even semen facials to using bird-droppings to preserve the skin. Here are some things you can incorporate into your beauty routine that will help with your particular concerns -- things like age spots, crow's feet and wrinkles.

1. Whiten your teeth
teeth whitening

No matter how much makeup you're wearing or how great your hair looks, your smile is what catches everyone's eye. But as we age, our tooth enamel becomes worn down after years of use, revealing a yellowing color underneath. To avoid this, make sure you cut out any habits that only make this worse. Smoking and regular coffee-drinking stains teeth.

Also, make sure you're not slacking on oral care. If you don't already floss, start. And don't skip out on your regular cleanings with the dentist. To brighten teeth further, you can use an at-home whitening kit, purchased either at the store or from your dentist, to brighten your teeth a few shades. We recommend you consult with your dentist for your best whitening option or even ask if they offer any in-office whitening treatments.

2. Start using a serum -- if you're not already

A day cream and a night cream may have been enough in your 30s and 40s, but drying, aging skin needs a little more help. Serums, with their water-like consistency, are generally soaked up by your thirsty skin a lot more than heavy creams. Adding this step to your skincare routine not only adds extra moisture, it helps deliver powerful anti-aging ingredients to help cell turnover. Dermatologists recommend using a serum with vitamin C which helps fight free radicals and boosts collagen production, helping your skin stay firm.

3. Don't neglect your lashes
mature eyelashes

Thinning, sparse lashes are often something you will experience as you get older, along with your hairline. Thick, defined lashes help make the eye stand out and make you look less tired. So if you don't already swear by mascara, consider giving it a chance. But more importantly, even if you aren't one for mascara, simply curling your lashes can help you look more bright-eyed. Makeup artist Sonia Kashuk tells More Magazine that lashes also lose their curl as we age. Kashuk recommends curling your lashes for extra volume, holding for a curl at the root and then halfway down the lash for more curl.

Too scared to use the scary-looking contraption that is the eyelash curler? There are plenty of ways to curl without a curler. HuffPost Style says you can even curl your lashes with the back of a spoon and a little mascara.

4. Exercise your neck

While you're busy worrying about your laugh lines, you might be neglecting one of the biggest giveaways of age: your neck. As a rule of thumb, make sure you're using the same products on your neck as you do on your face, including the all-important SPF.

If you want to go a step further, some yoga experts and dermatologists say neck exercises can help. They claim simple exercises can help improve blood flow, sending more oxygen to cells, giving you that glow we all seek. New York dermatologist David Bank told WomansDay that neck exercises can help tighten and lift your skin in as little as six weeks, according to what he's heard from his own patients. Bank suggests one exercise in which you tilt your head back, and bring your bottom lip up over your top lip, holding for 10 seconds and repeating 10 times.

5. Watch what you eat

No, were not suggesting you need to go on a diet. Think of your diet as part of your skincare regimen. Stay away from processed foods and go for natural foods that are rich in antioxidants that can literally help protect your skin from damage and help turn back the clock. We've written about foods that are as good as the fountain of youth. Try having eggs for breakfast once in a while. For a sweet treat opt for a piece of dark chocolate rather than a high-fat pastry. And use coconut oil for your skin and cooking.

Have any tips of your own? Tell us about them in comments.

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