Anti-Aging Yoga Poses: Can The Downward-Facing Dog Take Years Off Your Look? (VIDEO)

WATCH: Look Younger...With Downward-Facing Dog?

The next time you peer into the bathroom mirror and notice any crow's feet, bunny lines or other facial wrinkles, you may want to consider busting into a downward-facing dog to slow down these signs of aging. According to Kimberly Fowler, owner of Yas Fitness Studios in Los Angeles, yoga in general is anti-aging as it helps with achieving flexibility and reducing stress.

In the video above, Fowler demonstrates three different "anti-aging" yoga poses -- the downward-facing dog, cobbler and bridge -- that are also known as inversions. These are exercises where you place your head below your waist, stimulating blood flow to the face which makes you look good. But like many anti-aging treatments, keep in mind that this isn't a quick fix. Fowler recommends doing yoga at least three times a week to see results.

What do you think about anti-aging yoga? Is this all hype or hope? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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