This May Be The Most Powerful Anti-Bullying Video We've Ever Seen

WATCH: The Anti-Bullying Ad Everyone Should See

What if there was schoolyard bullying in the workplace?

That's the question a recent anti-bullying video out of France poses -- and it's one of the most powerful ads we've seen.

Written and directed by Vincent Lobelle of Les Télécréateurs, the video is actually a promo for a documentary on school harassment that recently aired on France 5.

As Madmoizelle notes, the video aims to raise awareness of in-school bullying among adults by placing them in the shoes of the victim. In the promo, a businessman is heckled, taunted and physically assaulted by his co-workers.

At the end a message flashes across the screen: "A day at work does not look like this. And a day at school?"

School bullying is a widespread problem in France. According to figures released by the Ministry of National Education, 1.4 million of France's 12 million pupils are harassed -- thats more than one in 10 students.

Watch the striking anti-bullying video above.

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