Anti-Cheese Billboards: Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine Targets Dairy Lovers

HuffPost Food doesn't hide its love of cheese, which is why we are fairly aghast at this new ad campaign by the always-controversial Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (see: hot dogs equal cigarettes).

By placing the $3,500 Grim Reaper ad near Lambeau Field, the stadium for the Green Bay Packers and the heart of cheese lover territory, the PCRM is definitely trying to turn (cheese) heads. But it doesn't look like dairy diehards are paying much attention. Ad Week says, "Given the importance of the dairy business to the region's economy, the PCRM should grab a scythe and cut the cheese strategy. It's full of holes."

The PCRM wrote a letter to Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt, requesting that he require warning labels on the high-fat cheesy food sold at the Packers' stadium. Schmitt told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "We are going to protect and defend the cheese industry. We love our cheeseheads and we love our cheese."

Rest easy, curd nerds. Dishes like beer cheese and deep-fried cheese curds are still safe at Lambeau Field.

Here's the offending ad: