Man's Toppling Of Anti-Fascist Statue Goes Painfully Awry

The 65-year-old's leg was crushed after the monument in Split, Croatia, fell the wrong way.

A man in Split, Croatia, broke his leg Wednesday while vandalizing an anti-fascist monument, reports the BBC.

The unidentified 65-year-old reportedly pushed over a plinth and bust dedicated to World War II resistance leader Rade Koncar, who was executed in 1942 in his fight against his country’s brutal Nazi-allied Ustasha government.

But the statue fell the wrong way and ended up crushing the man’s leg. He was hospitalized and is slated for surgery later this week.

Centrist lawmaker Kreso Beljak joked on Twitter (above) that Koncar “breaks the legs of fascists 76 years after they shot him,” per The Guardian.