Noah Michelson And Brandon Ambrosino Debate Homophobia On HuffPost Live

Things came to a head today on HuffPost Live when HuffPost Gay Voices Editor Noah Michelson sat down with writer Brandon Ambrosino for a face-to-face debate about whether opposing gay marriage makes someone anti-gay.

Things have been getting heated in queer politics lately, with incidents like "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson's comments polarizing popular opinion about the way members of the LGBT community should respond to anti-gay discourse.

Ambrosino has also recently written a number of controversial articles that have garnered responses from Michelson.

"I wrote a blog post in response to Brandon," Michelson stated. "I think that if you oppose any part of the queer experience, you are anti-gay. That doesn't mean you are a homophobe... that means there's something inside of you that has some kind of issue with the way that I live, love, fuck -- anything there. That is anti-gay by definition. And I also don't think that means you can't change that."

Check out the clip above to hear the rest of the debate between Michelson and Ambrosino and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.