Anti-Gay Group Sends Letter To Colbert Thanking Him For Mocking Them

Anti-Gay Group Sends Letter To Colbert Thanking Him For Mocking Them

If you've been fortunate enough to see the bizarre issue ad put out last week by the National Organization for Marriage, which contends that heterosexuals are threatened by a coming scourge of gay-wedding tornadoes, then you've likely already accepted as a given that the people behind NOM are not terribly intelligent individuals.

But, as if seized with the need to demonstrate this further, the organization has sent Stephen Colbert a letter of thanks for producing a commercial parody that depicts the NOM membership as closeted, dim nitwits (watch that video HERE).

Apparently, they believe that Colbert has helped their cause, somehow. This is, as they say, ADORBS:

"I've always thought Stephen Colbert was a double-agent, pretending to pretend to be a conservative, to pull one over Hollywood. Now I'm sure," said Maggie Gallagher, President of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

"Thank you Stephen for playing our ad in full on national television--for free. HRC eat your heart out. Plus we all had a great chuckle, too!" said Brian Brown, NOM's Executive Director. "Where can I make a donation to the National Organization for Colbert?"

Yes. NOM appears to believe that pretending to not understand the central satiric conceit of the show constitutes a witty comeback. They are also under the impression that their opponents at the Human Rights Campaign were saddened, watching Stephen Colbert rip NOM a new one. This is deeply weird! But I think what's going on here is that NOM has embraced a tired bit of election year conventional wisdom: the belief that getting your commercial played, in any venue, even if its subjected to ruthless mocking, constitutes "winning the media cycle," or something.

It doesn't! But don't tell them that! It's high time that organizations like NOM started showing the people who point out their rampaging idiocy a little gratitude!

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