Anti-Israeli Hysteria and Helen Thomas

Yet again we are witness to the double standard that results from the criticism of Israel. To watch the venerable (and, admittedly, increasingly irrelevant) Helen Thomas go down in flames for her comments on Palestine is yet another moment of suck in the mutually masturbatory relationship that exists between the US and Israel.

Was what Helen Thomas said inappropriate?


Was what Helen Thomas said rude?


But was it worthy of her expulsion from the paper clipped confines of the White House press room?


Since when has Ari Fleisher's opinion on anything other than what President Bush caught fishing mattered to the global consensus? Yet there he was on Friday, rousted from his Rogaine-induced slumber to remind the public that a) he is Jewish, b) he used to like Helen Thomas and c) he is still alive.

This whole thing just stinks of the power of victimhood (also see: George W. Bush, 2001 - 2008) that Israel and its defenders have used time and again. Often they are right to go after those who condemn their policies or right to exist. OF COURSE Israel has a right to exist.

Years ago I attended a talk given by Seymour Hersh. As the talk was winding down he mentioned, totally in context of the conversation, that "the Israelis treat the Palestinians like rocks." Sadly, Helen Thomas has been cast aside as just another stone.

Read Paul Jay's excellent post "In Defense of Helen Thomas -- On Apologizing to Apologists" for further insight into the latest Zionist hysteria.

Okay Mr. Dershowitz, over to you.